Hello, everyone.

Last two weeks were incredibly busy and full of different feedback we received from players. First of all, big thanks to every person play our game and share feelings with us. It means a lot for us and helps us to improve Entry Point and all future games.

When we create this game we have some kind of hardcore experience in mind. We want our players to die and start over and over, becoming better and better each time. Funny thing is our gameplay is RNG-based in several aspects and this repetitive way isn't the best for our game.

Based on several feedbacks we recreate our tutorial level and add defense determination feature to let players know how many defense nodes are around a specific empty node. It takes some time to rebalance levels, making them slightly less difficult and more enjoyable, but we glad that we know our issues and can fix them based on real opinions, not on our guesses.

We'll keep updating our game and hope you'll enjoy it.


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Oct 16, 2019

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