3 month later

Good evening, everyone. 

Last three month I spent improving quality of my game and facing reality. First of all, I want to say thanks for every player who played our game. It's amazing to know that people actually spend time using something made by you. And even better feeling if they like it.

Today I wan't to share a bit of results we earn with our small game and lets start with numbers. 

As you may know we making games as our hobby and main question I was asked last year was: "How much money you made with this?".

Answer is simple: "I made none". Yes, 20+ people decided to support us with money and we earn 60$ and we really appreciate it. What we  try to achieve was a good mobile game with a plot and hour-two gameplay in total and we did it. It takes some time to make all changes people like to see in our game, but it totally worth it.

Our game was played by more than 3000 people, which was absolutely great experience for me and stressful time for team, when we try to improve existed feature and fix broken things.

It was a bit disappointing a bit, when we face the fact people on mobile have no idea about non-casual game genres, like rogue-lite/rogue-like. However this game teach us a lot about marketing, performance on mobile (and not only), building tools and so on. 

After all we planning several more updates for Entry Point and slowly preparing for our new game for PC. 

That was a cool time for me and I hope we could show something great to players and community.

Cheers, Michael

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