Artists and programmers

Hello everyone. My name is Michael and I'm one of Hamster's Cave developers.

Last four months I was working back to back with awesome artists and friend of mine from St. Petersburg @diowooster (

I have a small puzzle mechanic concept and no idea how it should look. No idea at all. At that point I come to artist and ask her: "What would you do next, if you want to make puzzle?".

Next day I've got a lot of questions about my small prototype and my vision. But artists can't write questions as a programmers (ordered, structured, cool-minded). They think within a different states of consciousness. Everything you tell them they try to imagine and draw inside their heads or on paper. That's how we get this:

I have a lot of experience working with web-designers and work for some time with another great artists already, so I was kinda prepared for this. But you never ready for questions and ideas you'll get.

As a conclusion of such a partnership I may say: always work with an artist, it will helps you to grow as a person. And it helps your project to look better and feels better.

That's all, folks. I hope you find something interesting in this small post.

Cheers, Michael

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